Milling Wheat MATIF   213.00 €/мт
Corn MATIF   258.00 €/мт
Rapeseed MATIF   528.75 €/мт
Wheat CBOT   677.50 ¢/b
Corn CBOT   550.25 ¢/b
Soybean CBOT   1420.00 ¢/b
Soybean Meal CBOT   355.20 $/st
Soybean Oil CBOT   66.61 ¢/lb

Market insights

Agriniser provides key information on what is driving the grain markets in Bulgaria, the Black Sea Region as well as globally. Our market insights empower farmers, buyers and many industry players to access physical grain prices, futures quotes, analyses, forecasts and other essential information on a weekly basis. Currently, the market insights are available in Bulgarian language only and can be accessed here.

We partner with a number of international companies within the agricultural commodity markets. If you are interested in our data, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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